Estate records – LAMAR, William, 1831

Estate of William LAMAR, 1831:

Pg. 22 – Inventory and sale:

Buyers:  James Moore, Eli Rhea, Charles Luallen, Richard Taylor, John Rhea, Polly Lamar, James Lamar, Moses Overton, William Dale, Elijah Adkins, John M. Lamar, James Overton, Samuel Moore, William McAdoo, William Severs, Sen., Isaac Foster, Charles Lamar, George Moore, Mastin Hill, Henry M. Correy, Sib Baley, Thomas Dikes, William Royden, Lemuel Moore, John Severs, Lawson Fowler, Richard Scruggs, Samuel Edminson, John Childress, John Raines, Anna Wheeler, Wallace Dew, John Dew, Hugh B. Lamar, John Taylor, Caleb Moore, Wm. Smith, Wm. McCormack, John P. Edminson, William Severs, Jr., Richard Luallen, George Smith, Absolum Bowling, Ausburn R. Moore, Jefferson Smith, Caswell Maberry, Joseph Overton, Anderson Landrum, Solomon Webber, James Hill, John Cox, John Ray.

Total:  $1,303.60

Date:  April 11, 1831

Administrators:  J. M. Lamar, Polly Lamar


Pg. 44 – Sale of slaves:

Charles Lamar, 1 slave named Alexander

Elijah Adkins, 4 slaves not named

Wallas Dew, 2 slaves not named

John Smith, 1 slave not named

Austin Moore, 1 slave not named

Charles Luallen, 1 slave not named

David Wallas, 1 slave not named

Notes owed to estate:  John M. Lamar, Elijah Adkins, James Stile, Wm. Harroll, Charles & Richard Luallen, Charles Luallen & John Totten.

Total:  $2,532.58-2/3

Administrators:  John M. & Polly Lamar

Source:  Anderson County Clerk’s Docket Book, January 1830-January 1842.

[Transcribed by Stephanie A. Hill from the microfilm at the Clinton Public Library.]

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