Estate records – SCRUGGS, John – Inventory & division of slaves, 1831

Estate of John SCRUGGS – Inventory & Division by consent of heirs, 1831:

Slaves:  George, Clarissa, Christopher, Jessie, Lucinda, Esther, Patsy, Susan, Ephraim, Lawson, Mahulda, Rachel, Darthula

Heirs:  Thomas Scruggs, John Scruggs, James Scruggs, Nancy Sartin, William Scruggs, George Scruggs, Rachel Scruggs, Matilda Scruggs, Carter Scruggs, Milly Scruggs

Executrix:  Milly Scruggs

Date of inventory & division:  November 28, 1831

Recorded:  November 30, 1831

Source:  Anderson County Clerk’s Docket Book, January 1830-January 1842, p. 56. 

[Abstracted by Stephanie A. Hill from the microfilm in the Clinton Public Library with no corrections to spelling of names.]

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