Estate records – DERRETT, Henry, 1834

Estate of Henry DERRETT, 1834:

Pg. 60 – Inventory of personal estate:  “20 Negroes”

Date recorded:  February 14, 1834

Administrator:  Richard Oliver, debonis noce

Pg. 61 – Report of hire of slaves:  Thomas Butler for Jack’s hire, July 8-August 8, 1833.  Henry R. Butler for Jack’s hire, August8-December 24, 1833.  John Nail for George’s hire.  T. H. Robertson for Harriet.  Richard Oliver for Patsey.

Date recorded:  February 15, 1834

Administrator:  Richard Oliver

Source:  Anderson County Clerk’s Docket Book, January 1830-January 1842. 

[Abstracted by Stephanie A. Hill from the microfilm in the Clinton Public Library with no corrections to spelling of names.]

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