Bob Lowe Shot Four Times – 1940

Bob Lowe Shot Four Times At His New Place Near Lake City Early Sunday

Gunfire and violent death for a second consecutive week ended the midnight rambles of a group of Anderson County officers. This time, it was a gang of deputies and their victim was Bob Lowe, a roadhouse operator near Lake City. Lowe fell from four bullets in his body, a few steps from the doorway of his new roadhouse. The officers, previously warned to stay away by Lowe, were returning to Lake City from Clinton when the shooting took place. They said about 2 AM Sunday. Two of the deputies, Mitchell and Franklin Beach of Briceville, brothers, made bonds of $1, 000 each pending a hearing on manslaughter charges at 4 PM Friday before Squire J S Holt. Sheriff R A Smith said the officers surrendered to him. According to the story they told him, Lowe fired five shots at their car. They told the Sheriff they returned the fire and as Lowe died, he crumpled upon a .22 caliber pistol that figured in a triple slaying more than 15 years ago and for which he was sentenced to 25 years. The brothers, Deputy Clifford McGhee of Lake City, Levi Hawkins, and Carl Allen, driver of the car, had stopped at a spring near Lowe’s new roadhouse to get a drink, they told the Sheriff. The roadhouse is on Old Lake City – Andersonville road, across from Savage Gardens. Lowe, whom they said had warned he didn’t want to be bothered with the officers, approached their automobile and began shooting, they related. Three of the shots struck the officer’s car. The Beach brothers said they returned the fire, killing Lowe. McGhee did not fire they said.

Mr. Booth of Booth Undertaking Co, where Lowe’s body was taken, reported there was a fracture above the right eye, Lowe’s nose was mashed, pellet marks were on his face, and that the bullets entered just below the collarbone and emerged just below the hips. It looked as if Lowe had been shot while on his hands and knees or while on the ground, Mr Booth said. That lick over his eye wasn’t from a blackjack either, it looked more like he had been hit with a pick handle. There’s more to that shooting than has been told, in my opinion. Mrs Lowe, who was in Clinton this week, said there was a fight between the officers and her husband before the shooting. Lowe was indicted recently for interfering with an officer, but the case was thrown out of court. The officers who participated in the slaying were reported to have been the ones involved in the indictment.

Some 15 years, ago Lowe, along with Daniel Brittian Daugherty, was convicted of the murder of Byrd Daugherty and his two sons, Bob and Fisher, in a fray over in the New River section. He was later pardoned by Governor Horton before completing his 25 year term. For a time he lived in Clinton on Board street near the intersection of Coward street.

Funeral services were held Tuesday morning. Lowe is survived by a former wife and four children; his present wife; two brothers, Jess of Edgemoor, and Joe of the Tenth District. Last week, it will be remembered, Constables Charlie Brummett and Walter Christberry were involved in the slaying of a Knox county man. They will face hearing Saturday in Knoxville.

Clinton Courier – March 28, 1940

[Transcribed by Susie Bullock]

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