Anderson County News – 1930


March 22, 1930
W. J. Smith

God’s mind, spirit, power and knowledge is more than man’s mind can comprehend. God molded all things in his mind before he spoke them into exitance, just as the mab who invented the telephone planned it before he made it. That mind or knowledge is a part of the spirit of our father. Let me say right here to parents, be very careful how you teach your children from the cradle, for there are lots of grown men and women that havent the sense they had the day they were born. The parents are to blame and they are responsible for the ignorance of their poor little offspring. Our laws are not strict enough on school attendance. Our truant officer should see that no child is kept out of school. There should be a law to provide books and clothing for the poor children so that they may have the advantage of school.

You remember the talent the Lord gave a man when he was here. He gave five talents to one man, two to one, and one to another. If the man with one talent had cultivated his talent his mind would have been as broad as the other two. He simply didnt have any sense and didnt want any. Train the baby from the credle and he will grow up broad-minded.

Some people say this generation is leading a fast life and have no more mind than young steers. And no wonder. An old blue back speller will teach you more than half of all the books today. The writer of this article can run his mind back 80 years almost in a moment’s time. I can remember several things that happened by the time I was three years old. I can remember old uncle Joshua Frost, a Baptist preacher, who was my mother’s uncle. He would come to Frost Bottom to preach, and would stay at our house. I can still see his features, his clothing and even the color of his horse. My father would take me in his lap and tell me funny tales, which I have not forgotten, and I told the same old tales to my children; they know them now.

What a powerful thing a man’s mind is! Yet the human mind can never touch God’s mind. The mind of most men is about as broad as the 7th district, when it should be as broad as the globe. I beseech you, parents, cultivate your children’s minds to think of doing good in this world and the place God has prepared for us.

A local newspaper

In the 1920′s, Jasper Smith wrote articles for the Anderson County newspaper about the different areas of the county. They are being shared with you because of the genealogy that was written in some of the articles.

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