The John B. White Family

The John B. White Family

Gene White

John B. White was my Great Grandfather. I know where he was born and when, who he married, and where he and my Great Grandmother are buried. Anyone interested in researching further please contact me for what information I have. John was born March 2, 1832 probably on a farm in Tennessee hollow. He married Charlotte Ruth Webb and they moved to a 39 acre farm that was part of the original 200 acre town of Briceville, owned by the Burris family during the Civil War.

John B. evidently never owned slaves or favored secession but his politics was Conservative Republican. Lincoln was willing to fight a war to slave the Union and not create two nations. John B. enlisted in the Union Army August 21, 1861, at Clinton, Tennessee. He was sent to Barbourville, Kentucky. On August 14, 1862, while camped at Cumberland Gap, he left his post and came to Briceville to visit his family. (Note — it is estimated that 200,000 men went home from the fighting, planted a crop and then returned to battle.)

John B. returned to his outfit May 1, 1863 and was restored form desertion by order of General Coates, Commanding General. He was mustered out August 6, 1864. He received an honorable discharge and pay of $38.50. He was discharged as a Private, “C” Company, 2nd Tennessee Infantry.

While in Briceville, he probably planted a crop and took care of family duties. Six months after returning to active duty, a son, James Russell was born. James Russell was my Grandfather.

James Russell was born November 28, 1863 and died April 5, 1903. He married Nancy Elizabeth Braden, daughter of Isaac Braden. Nancy was born March 20, 1864, and died November 28, 1902. James Russell and Nancy Elizabeth had six children, John E., William B., Lillie, Horace M., Florence, and Stella (Ted).

John E. was born February 5, 1884, and died December 14, 1911. He just missed the Cross Mountain Explosion which happened December 9, 1911. He married Lizzie Wells. The had two children, Audrey, who married Herman Houser of Knoxville and William Earl (Bunzo). Earl was killed in the mines at Lynch, Kentucky in 1940.

Lillie, Florence and Stella left the Briceville area before the 1920’s. Lillie married John Farmer and settled in Newport, Tennessee. They had four boys, Robert, Oscar, Johnnie and Kenneth. Florence married Roy Vinson and settled in Townsend, Tennessee. They had one son, Roy Vinson, Jr. Roy, Sr. died in 1918. Florence married Roy Myers. They had one son, Harry who still lives in Townsend. Stella married Jack Eldridge and settled in South Carolina. They had three sons, Ralph, Douglas and Roy Charles.

William B. married Hettie Duncan and they had five children, Owen, Car, Vivian, Lora and Blanche. Martha O’Shell Bridges, William B’s granddaughter, has written about this family.

My father was Horace Maynard. He was born August 8, 1891 and died March 8, 1978. He married my mother Lora Vale Matthews of Sevierville, Tennessee, June 23, 1916. Lora was born November 3, 1895 and died April 12, 1984. Horace and Lora had four children. Charlotte Ruth, Helen Kanzada, James Eugene and Marjorie Dean.

Charlotte Ruth married Charles Ralph Wormsley, Sr. of Briceville. They have one son, Charles Ralph Wormsley, Jr. Ralph married Patsy Jean Elliott of Lake City, where they now live. They have two children, Ralph Clark and Krista Jane. Clark married Jody Karen Hurley of Sneedville, Tennessee. They have two sons, Jordan Clark and Parker Scott. They live in Knoxville, Tennessee. Krista married Jeffrey R. Little of Clinton, Tennessee. They have one son, Jeffrey Logan. They live in Clinton, Tennessee. Charlotte Ruth died in 1989. Charles lives in Lake City.

Helen Kanzada married Charles B. Goodman, Sr. of Lake City. They had five children. Patricia Anne, Dennie Bruce, Charles B. (Butch) Goodman, Jr., Sharon Lee and Joe Lynn. Patricia married Louis F. LaBonte of Putnam, Conn. They have four children, Steven Marc, Michael Denis, Laure Anne and Sandra Nicole. Steven married Debra Yargeau of Putnam, Conn. and they make their home there. They have two sons, Kyle Louis and Nicholas Steven. Michael married Kathleen Nicole Beausoleil from Putnam, Conn. Dennie has one son, Jason Ross. They live in Clinton, Tennessee. Charles B. (Butch) married Shirley Wallace of Andersonville, Tennessee. They have two sons, Jonathan Brent and Benjamin Ryan. They all live in Andersonville, Tennessee. Sharon married Shelby Lynn Cox of Heiskell, Tenn. where they make their home. Joe has two daughters, Lee Ann and Diana Lyn. They all live in Lake City, Tennessee. Charles, Sr. died in 1984 and Helen died in 1993.

James Eugene married Elizabeth Conner. They live in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. They have three sons, Larry Eugene, Stephen Conner and David Wallace. Larry married Jackie Hile of Clearfield, Pennsylvania. They live in Norfolk, VA. Stephen married Terri McClain of New Castle, PA. They have two children, Jake Eugene and Amber Mae. They live in Allandale, FL. David married Benita Walls of Kannapolis, NC. They live in Charlotte, NC.

Marjorie married Johnnie M. Adkins of Caryville, TN. They have two sons, Johnny Roger and Brian Kelly. Roger married Jacqueline (Jackie) Gatis of London, England. They have three children, Jonathan Mark, Christopher Kelly and Suzanne Margaret. They live in Dhaka, Bangladesh where they serve as missionaries with Operation Mobilization. Brian married Callie Foust of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They live in Knoxville, Tennessee. Johnnie died in 1970. Marjorie lives in Lake City, Tennessee.

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