Private Acts 1854

Private Acts, 1854
Chapter no. 129

Section 1

That the following shall be the dividing line between the county of Campbell on the one side, and the counties of Anderson and Scott on the other to wit: Beginning at a point of New River, a short distance above William Massengill’s, where the grade at Scott county line crosses said New River; running thence up New River to a point on the east bank of New River, opposite to Solomon Doherty’s; thence to the Coal gap, in such a direction as to leave the waters and the Beach fork in Campbell county, and to leave Registers Powel’s residence in Anderson County; running thence on the south side of the mountain, in which the said Coal gap occurs, to the present resident of the Cokers’, including the said Cokers in Campbell and Anderson counties, near the residence of Paul Harmor, so as to leave said Harmor in Anderson county. Provided, that if either of the counties of Anderson and Campbell desire to have a survey of the line laid off in this act, they shall be entitled thereto, and the county of Campbell shall deray all expenses incident to said survey.

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