Private Acts 1853 – 54

Private Acts, 1853 – 54
Chapter no. 320

Section 25.

That the dividing line between the counties of Anderson and Scott be changed as follows: To leave New River at two white walnuts on the north bank of said river, at the mouth of a hollow in William Massingill’s field; thence up said river from the waters of Smoky Creek, north eighty, west 160 poles; thence along the top of said mountain due west 320 poles, to a white oak, James McGee’s west corner; thence south 30, west 600 ploes, with the top of the mountain, passing Lowe’s Gap; thence south 80, west 500 poles with the top of the mountain to interesect with the old line near the head of the Straight Fork; thence with said line to new river, thence down the same to the beginning.

Passed: 11 Feb 1854.

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