Private Acts 1817

Private Acts, 1817
Chapter no. 20

Section 1

That from and after the passing of this act, the line hereinafter mentioned, shall be the dividing line between the counties of Anderson and Campbell, that is to say beginning on Clinch river, at the first bluff above the island fork thence with the dividing line between Cave and Cole Creek to Wallen’s Ridge, and then with Wallen’s Ridge to the line run by William Hogshead under the act of Eighteen Hundred and Eleven, then to that line to New River, then down New River to the mouth of Smoky Creek; then to the dividing ridge which divides the waters of New River and Brimstone, so as to leave Smoky Creek in Anderson County; then with said dividing ridge to a point one-half mile above the mouth of Brimstone, leaving the waters of New River in Campbell County and the waters of Brimstone in Anderson County; from thence north forty-five degrees west to the Kentucky line and that tract of country which lies north and east of the before described for shall compose and be a part of like county of Campbell.




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