Private Acts 1806

Private Acts, 1806
Chapter no. 21

Whereas the large extent of the counties of Anderson and Claiborne, renders it grievous and burthensome to many of the inhabitants thereof to attend courts, general musters, elections, and other public meetiings therein. For remedy whereof:

Section 1.

That the following described bounds be, and the same are hereby erected into a new and distinct county by the name of Campbell, to wit: Beginning at a point to be ascertained by running a direct line from the town of Burrville, in Anderson County, north forty-five degrees, east eleven miles, and running from thence north forty-five degrees, west to the Kentucky state line, or the northern boundary line of the state of Tennessee, from thence east, with the said boundary line, to a point on the same, from whence a line to be run at the angle of forty-five degrees, south east, shall cross Powell’s Valley, at or near the house where James Davis formerly lived in said valley, leaving said house in Campbell county not more than fifty poles, thence the same course continued, to the line of Grainger County, on the right bank of Clinch, thence down the said river of Clinch, agreeably to its various meanders, to a certain point that shall intersect the lines of Anderson and Claiborne counties, immediately on the said right bank of Clinch river, thence crossing said river, and running southwardly with the line that divides the counties of Anderson and Grainger, to the Chestnut Ridge, thence along the extreme height thereof, to a point from whence a line shall be run at the angle of north forty-five degrees, west to the point the place of beginning.

Section 8.

That Jesse Roysden, and Walter Evans, to appointed commssioners, who are authorized to run the dividing lines, and boundary lines, of and between the said counties of Campbell, Anderson and Claiborne, and designate the boundaries of said Campbell county, as herein before directed and desribed; that is, where the said line or lines are not already run or particularly pointed out by natural boundaries; for which services the said commissioners shall be allowed the sum of two dollars each per day, and the marker one dollar per day, the expense to be paid by the said county of Campbell.
(Note–these acts were passed 11 Sept 1806)

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