Obituary – Chamblee, Steve, 1936

One Man Killed Another Wounded Resisting Arrest.  Steve Chamblee Slain, His Brother Shot By Coal Creek Deputy.  Although he claimed that he shot in self defense Deputy Sheriff Joe Shelton is in Clinton jail charged with the slaying of Steve Chamblee of Briceville Saturday night.  Steve’s brother, Woodrow, was shot and seriously wounded at the same time and is in Kelley’s Hospital in Coal Creek.

The shooting took place at the Plaza dance hall two miles south of Coal Creek.  The officer sought to arrest the two brothers, along with Troy Johnson, on a disorderly conduct charge.  However the warrants for the two brothers were made out for “John Doe and Richard Doe, Alias.”  The warrants were sworn out before Squire R. D. Lindsey by Wager Wilson.

Shelton will be given a preliminary hearing on the murder charge at 10 a.m. Friday before Squire J. D. Prosise here in Clinton.  Until his hearing, Shelton is being held without bond.  His arrest followed the securing of a warrant by Oscar Chamblee of Briceville, father of the two boys.

“I had arrested Steve and had turned him over to Harry Winfrey when I sought to arrest Woodrow.  Woodrow grabbed me about the neck and as he did, Steve began to beat me on the head.  They threw me to the floor and were choking my breath out.  I could not shout and there was nothing I could do except shoot in self defense, Deputy Shelton said.

After the shooting, Shelton helped to get Woodrow to the hospital and sent word to the father, Sheriff R. A. Smith and Squire Lindsay, who were called to the city hall, urged Shelton to leave before the father arrived to avoid further trouble.  His arrest came later.  Shelton is a former police man at Coal Creek.

Word from the hospital Thursday morning indicated that Woodrow had contracted pneumonia, but that his condition had improved.

Funeral services for Steve were held at 2 o’clock Tuesday at Laurel Branch Baptist Church with the Rev. John Richards officiating.

His is survived by his parents; his wife and two children; six brothers and two sisters.

Clinton Courier, February 20, 1936

[Transcribed by Stephanie A. Hill from photocopy of microfilmed copy in the genealogy vertical files of the Lake City Library.]

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