Deed – ADKINS, Heirs of Elijah to Armstead WALLACE, 1848

Deed of Conveyance, heirs of Elijah Adkins to Armstead Wallace, 1848:

March Term Circuit Court 1848.  James Wallace, admr.  the Heirs of Elijah Adkins, dec.  The cause coming on to be finally heard on petition what decreed on the fourteenth day of March 1848 before the Hon. Seth Jesse Luckey it appears from the report of James Wallace admr. as before said submitted to the present Term of the court acting under a decretal order made at the last Term of the Court provided on the first day of January 1848 to sell the Land set forth in the original petition to Armstead Wallace for the sum of six dollars per acre cash into and being thirty off of the lower part of the tract of land on which the said Elijah Adkins lived up to the time of his death adjoining the lands of Joseph B. Lamar and James S. David and bounded as follows Beginning on a stake and pine near Buffalow Creek on Childress line thence North 45 West 418 poles on Joseph B. Lamar’s and James S. Davis’ line and passing a pin to a black oak & hickory then North 45 East 18 poles to three small post oaks then South forty five East 418 poles running through two fields to a cluster of small pines on Childress line thence South forty five West 18 poles to the beginning and said report being unobjected to the same is in all things confirmed.  It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court that all the right title, claim, interest and demand that the heirs of Elijah Adkins has in and to the aforesaid thirty acres of land set forth and bounded as above stated be and the same is hereby directed out of them and vested in the said Armstead Wallace and his heirs and assigns forever.  It is further ordered by the Court that the Clerk certify a copy to the Register of Anderson County for registration.

State of Tennessee. Anderson County.  I Melton Tate Clerk of the Circuit Court for said county do certify that the foregoing is a true and perfect copy of the record in my office of the report of James Wallace admt. of the estate of Elijah Adkins decd.  Given under my hand at office in Clinton the 4th day of March 1850.  Melton Tate Clerk

State of Tennessee.  Anderson County.  Personally appeared before me John Key, Clerk of the County of Anderson, aforesaid Melton Tate the within named Bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the within deed of conveyance for the purposes therein contained witness my hand at office in Clinton this the 2nd day of April 1850.  John Key Clerk

Source:  Anderson County, TN Deed Book 01, page 58.

[Transcribed by Stephanie A. Hill from a photocopy of the microfilmed original with no corrections to spelling.  Photocopy is in the genealogy vertical files of the Lake City Library.]

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