Court System – Board of Jury Commissioners and Jurors

Court System

Board of Jury Commissioners and Jurors

1. Acts of 1804, Chapter 25, page 40, stated in the preamble that it was difficult to obtain freeholders to serve as jurors in Claiborne and Anderson Counties because of the very extensive holdings of Henderson and Company in these two counties, therefore, it would be lawful hereafter to appoint householders to serve as jurors in these areas.

3. Private Acts of 1915, Chapter 225, page 895, provided that in Anderson County each regular juror would hereafter receive $2.oo per day for each day’s attendance as a juror, plus such mileage, ferriage, and other benefits, as were then allowed by law.

5. Private Acts of 1947, Chapter 230, page 703, established a pay scale for jurors in Anderson County of $4.00 per day for each day of regular attendance as a juror at courts in that county.

7. Public Acts of 1982, Chapter 926, alters T C A 40-2515 to state that when, in the Judgment of the Court tyring criminal cases, wholesome food and suitable lodgings cannot be provided for the petit jurors for a lesser sum, the court shall have the power to secure proper lodgings and food for the jurors and to pay therefor a sum not to exceed $250.

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