Court System – Assistant Attorney-General and Criminal Investigator

Court System

Assistant Attorney-General & Criminal Investigator

The Office of District Attorney General, including Assistant District Attorneys and criminal investigators, is covered by Title 8. Chapter 7 of Tennessee Code Annotated.

1. Acts of 1817, Chapter 65, page 73, established Ten Solicitorail Districts in the State and assigned the counties of Knox, Anderson, Morgan, Roane, and Rhea to the Fourth Solicitorail District.

2. Acts of 1835 – 36, Chapter 28, page 127, made each Solicitorial District in Tennessee to coincide with the boundaries of each Judicial District which had criminal jurisdiction.

3. Public Acts of 1929, Chapter 91, page 283, established the position of Assistant Attorney-General for the 19th Judicial Circuit of the State to which Anderson County belonged.

4. Public Acts of 1937, Chapter 74, page 252, created a position of Criminal Investigator for the 19th Judicial Circuit of the State.

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