Bible record of Murrian-Baskette-Ault family

The Illuminated Bible, John A. Dickinson Publishing Co. for Columbia Educational Books, Inc., 1941:

Service Record of John H. Murrian, Jr., who served in the Army, RA14034179, 01503872, from Jan. 24, 1941.  Promotions Enlisted – Pvt., Staff Sergeant, O.C.S. Cadet, stationed at Ft. Oglethorpe, GA; Camp Gordon, GA; Carlisle Barracks, PA.  Combat duty at Mediterranean, African, European Theatres of WWII and Korea, 1952-53.  Citations and awards: Army Commendation Medal with Oa Leaf Cluster; Singman Rage Regt’l. Citation, Combat Med. Badge, Campaign medals, Occupation medals, Stars, etc.  General information:  Commissioned August 25, 1942.  Retired, Lieutenant Colonel, MSC-USAR, 1965.

Family Register:  John Hendry Murrian. Jr., born December 14, 1918 at Knoxville, TN,  married Helen Louise Baskette, born August 1, 1921 at Tusculum, TN, on May 16, 1942 at the 4th Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN.

Children:  Patricia Ann Murrian, married Roy Ellsworth Owenby on December 31, 1962 at Knoxville, TN; Deborah Murrian; John Albert Murrian; Mark Richard Murrian.

Children of Patricia Ann Murrian and Roy Ellsworth Owenby were Thomas Matthew and Mary Elise Owenby.

Father’s family:  John Hendry Murrian, Jr. was the son of John Hendry Murrian, born August 25, 1896 and died December 28, 1981, and Helen Ault, born June 22, 1895 and died 1990.  Siblings of John Hendry Murrian, Jr. were Albert K. Murrian and A. David Murrian. 

John Hendry Murrian was the son of W. S. Murrian and Barbara B. Murrian.  Siblings of John Hendry Murrian were William, James, Barbara, Jean and Nell Murrian.

Helen Ault was the daughter of W. H. Ault and Mary Kinzel.  Siblings of Helen Ault were George and Mary Will Ault.

Mother’s family:  Helen Louise Baskette was the daughter of Onnie Bruce Baskette, born February 23, 1895 and died January 15, 1963, and Grace Lillian Dobson, born October 27, 1901 and died August 26, 1977.

Onnie Bruce Baskette was the son of John T. and Ethel Baskette.  Siblings of Onnie Bruce Baskette were Dobert, Cecil, John D. and Myrtle Baskette.

Siblings of Grace Lillian Dobson were George and William Dobson.

[Transcribed by Stephanie A. Hill from photocopy of original in the genealogy vertical files of the Lake City Library.  Bible was found at an estate sale in Knoxville and the family record pages were copied from it with permission of the woman holding the estate sale.]

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