Bible record of Butcher-Bennett family

The Blue Ribbon Bible, undated, owned by James Samuel and Minnie Agnes Bennett Butcher.

Children’s Register:

Roxanna Maybell Butcher, born October 18, 1893 in Clinton, TN, married 1) H. H. Adams on June 26, 1912, divorced; married 2) Harry C. Miller on June 3, 1920.

Harry Clifton Butcher, born September 22, 1895 in Clinton, TN; married Nell Olivey on November 27, 1921.

Gary Raymond Butcher, born June 6, 1898 in Clinton, TN; married Virginia Maiden on December 12, 1925.

Gladys Lorieta Butcher, born February 2, 1904 in Coal Creek, TN; married 1) Frank C. Huft on April 17, 1926, divorced; married 2) Ray Elmers Walford on December 11, 1937 at Pineville, KY.

Thelma Rose Butcher, born August 17, 1906 in Clinton, TN; married Hubert Barker on June 14, 1924.

James Leona Butcher, born August 17, 1908; married Archer Louise Lawson on October 26, 1929.

 Family Register:

Grandfather on father’s side:  Jacob Butcher

Grandmother on father’s side:  Martha Brummitt, married March 4, 1866

Grandfather on mother’s side:  James Marion Bennett, born September 18, 1847; died October 12, 1929.

Grandmother on mother’s side:  Mary Ann Hammock, born January 6, 1853; died December 27, 1922.


Father:  James Samuel Butcher, born January 17, 1867 in Anderson County, TN; died May 7, 1939 in Clinton, TN; buried in Sunset Cemetery; married August 16, 1891 in Clinton, TN.

Mother:  Minnie Agnes Bennett, born July 28, 1876 in Anderson County, TN; died January 11, 1954 in Knoxville, TN; buried in Sunset Cemetery.

[Transcribed from a photocopy of original Bible record on file in the Lake City Library genealogy vertical files.  No corrections or changes made.  Current owner of the Bible not noted on copy.]

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