Bible record of Ault-Kinzel-Murrian family

Bible record of Ault-Kinzel-Murrian family

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, The World Publishing Co., undated.

Family Register: 

William Hyden Ault and Mary A. Kinzel were united in Holy Matrimony on the first day of December 1891 at the home of Mrs. Geo. J. Kinzel in Knoxvillle, Tenn.  Rev. W. A. Harrison, pastor of Third Presbyterian Church officiating.


  •  John H. Murrian to Helen Ault, March 2, 1918 at Greenville, SC
  • George W. Ault to Adeline Bewley,  February 19, 1914
  • Mary Will Ault to Lloyd S. Nease, December 24, 1932
  • William E. Ault to Alpha Templeton, February 14, 1943
  • John Murrian, Jr. to Helen Baskette, May 16, 1942
  • Albert Murrian to Mary Epps, May 9, 1944.


  • William Hyden Ault, Feb. 21, 1869 at Coal Creek, Tenn;
  • Mary Anna Ault, Sept. 7, 1870, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • George Wesley Ault, April 16th 1893, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • Helen Ault, June 22, 1895, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • Mary Will Ault, Dec. 3rd 1896, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • William Emerson Ault, Feb 15th 1915, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • John Hendry Murrian, Dec. 14th 1918, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • Albert Kinzel Murrian, Jan. 26, 1922, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • Alexander David Murrian, Apr 1st 1930, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • Patricia Anne Murrian, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • Robert Phillip Murrian, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • William Emerson Ault, Lexington, KY;
  • Deborah Murrian, Knoxville, Tenn;
  • John Wesley Ault, Louisville, KY.

[Last 5 birthdates omitted from this transcription for privacy reasons.  Birthdates are stated in the Bible.]


  • Albert Kinzel Murrian, May 28, 1945;
  • William Hyden Ault, August 1, 1947.

 [Transcribed by Stephanie A. Hill from photocopy of original in the genealogy vertical files of the Lake City Library.  Bible was found at an estate sale in Knoxville and the family history pages were copied from it with permission of the woman holding the estate sale.]

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