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Nominations and Election
~ 2005 ~
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Results! Final Tally
VOTING TIME PERIOD (using Central Time)
Polls open:  Friday June 17th at 12:01 am 
             (that's one minute past midnight of Thursday June 16th)
Polls close: Sunday night June 26th at 11:59 pm


State Coordinator 
Mari Byers 

Assistant State Coordinator 
Fred Smoot
Executive Board
Betty Brooks
Nancy Cole 
Sandy Keathley
Jess Lewis
Ms. Sharon McCormack
Charles Reeves, Jr.
Tim Stowell 
Cheryl Zelek



Nominations closed at midnight, Nashville time, 13 June 2005.
That's a Monday night and not one minute after! 


State Coordinator           Nominated By:      Accept Y/N
Mari Byers (i)              Mollie H. Simpson      Yes

Assistant State Coordinator Nominated By:      Accept Y/N
tom kunesh (i)              Fred Smoot             No Response.
Fred Smoot                  Paulette Carpenter     Yes

Executive Board             Nominated By:      Accept Y/N
Betty Brooks                Fred Smoot             Yes
Paulette Carpenter          Mike St. Clair         No
Nancy Cole (i)              Fred Smoot             Yes
Sandy Keathley (i)          Fred Smoot             Yes
Jess Lewis (i)              Fred Smoot             Yes
Ms. Sharon McCormack        Joyce Gaston Reece     Yes 
Billie McNamara             Mike St. Clair         No
Charles Reeves, Jr. (i)     Fred Smoot             Yes 
Tim Stowell (i)             Fred Smoot             Yes
Cheryl Zelek (i)            Fred Smoot             Yes 

Eligible Voters, June 2005

Candidates Statements
Betty Brooks
Sharon McCormack
Sandy Keathley
Fred Smoot (National Campaign Page)
Cheryl Zelek

Courtesy Links for our Tennessee Folk
(Those running in The USGenWeb Project national election but not in our state election.)
Paulette Carpenter, Candidate for National Coordinator.
Mike Saint Clair, Candidate for Representative at Large.

Project Home Page

First posted 1 June 2005, Nashville time!
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